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An idea to start a company to help businesses adapt to new technology began in 1997 when the potential of the internet was evident and the challenges to the business community seemed unlimited. We decided to call our company Conenction One Netowrks.

The name originally operated as a local bulletin board system in Arizona while I attended high school. It was pretty primitive to todays internet standards, but generally used for local user messaging. For the internet world to evolve establishments would have to upgrade their equipment, staff, and the general public had to be educated about the incredible possibilities of having data solutions at their fingertips.

The first web site was challenging, but not practical. Hand coding slowed the rapid expansion of web site development because there simply were not enough qualified people to manually code the pages, and the price was prohibitive for most companies (the first web sites often cost over $4,000 to develop). Software writers like Rob Burgess (CEO of Macromedia), revolutionized multimedia authoring software for web designers to drastically speed the process of producing efficient web sites.

We are excited to be able to help businesses to manage their web sites. The team members at Connection One Networks have expert training and experience, enabling us to offer exceptional service.

Our dedicated business hosting customers have the ability to reach an "on call" network technician by pager 24 hours a day seven days a week for techinal questions / issues.

Our Netowrk

We operate our own dedicated, multi-homed network in our datacenter. Our local network is fully-switched and collision-free, while our external connections are multiple T-3 conenctions connected to different internet backbones.



Last Update: April 4 2019
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